Is Coward A Common Noun?

What is the abstract noun for poor?

PoornessPoorness is the most directly derived abstract noun of poor, however poverty is also derived from the same Latin root pauper..

What makes a person a coward?

A coward is someone who’s afraid of doing something daring or dangerous. Being afraid of something dangerous might make someone a coward, but the word can also describe someone who avoids doing something difficult or unpleasant. …

What is desertion mean?

noun. the act of deserting or the state of being deserted. Law. willful abandonment, especially of one’s spouse without consent, in violation of legal or moral obligations. an act of leaving military service or duty without the intention of returning.

What is the adverb of danger?

dangerously. In a dangerous manner. Synonyms: perilously, alarmingly, precariously, recklessly, seriously, severely, critically, daringly, riskily, hazardously, carelessly, desperately, unsafely, unsecurely, harmfully, badly, gravely, acutely, grievously.

What is the adverb form of happy?

Forming adverbs from adjectivesAdjectiveAdverbeasyeasilyangryangrilyhappyhappilyluckyluckily

What is the noun of perfect?

Perfection is the noun form of perfect.

What is desertion marriage?

Desertion is defined in English divorce law as one party in a marriage “deserts” the other for a continuous period exceeding two years. You will need to show that your husband or wife has left you: without your agreement. without a good reason. to end your relationship.

Why is desertion a crime?

Attempted desertion also is charged as a military crime, as long as the attempt went beyond mere preparation. Desertion carries a maximum punishment of dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of all pay, and confinement of five years.

Is it cowardly to avoid a fight?

First, it doesn’t matter if you look like a coward or not. You can’t let other people’s false opinions determine your actions. Avoiding a fight is usually a good thing, as fighting is rarely worth it – and that’s coming from someone who’s been in far too many fights.

What is a good sentence for coward?

“Well, I hope the person that buys it isn’t such a coward” Clara stared at her. “Let him see whether I am a coward!” he thought. But he did not wish the little girl to think him a coward, so he advanced slowly to the edge of the roof. Fear didn’t make a person a coward.

What does lack of courage mean?

1. Cowardly, timid, timorous refer to a lack of courage or self-confidence. … Timid means lacking in boldness or self-confidence even when there is no danger present: a timid person who stood in the way of his own advancement.

What does incest mean?

noun. sexual intercourse between closely related persons. the crime of sexual intercourse, cohabitation, or marriage between persons within the degrees of consanguinity or affinity wherein marriage is legally forbidden.

Is coward an abstract noun?

The abstract noun of cowardly is cowardice. Explanation: An abstract noun is a noun which we can only feel but cannot see or touch.

What is the adverb of coward?

What is the adjective and adverb of coward? … Cowardly is the adjective form for coward. There isn’t really an adverb form—not one that is used in modern, formal English, anyway. You can compare cowardly to friendly.

Is coward a adjective?

The difference is that cowardly is usually an adjective, while coward is almost always a noun.

What’s another word for coward?

SYNONYMS FOR coward 1 craven, poltroon, dastard, recreant, milksop.

What fierce means?

having a violent and unrestrained nature; savagea fierce dog. wild or turbulent in force, action, or intensitya fierce storm. vehement, intense, or strongfierce competition.

What type of noun is coward?

View American English definition of coward….coward ​Definitions and Synonyms.singularcowardpluralcowards

Is coward a character trait?

Your personal character traits may be positive or negative, depending on the situation. An example of a positive personal character trait is courage. Its opposite, negative trait is cowardice. Most people have a trait that lies between the extremes.

What is the abstract noun for hate?

Abstract Noun ListLoveAngerHatePeaceLoyaltyIntegrityPrideCourageDeceitHonestyTrustCompassionBraveryMiseryChildhood1 more row

Is angry an abstract noun?

Angry itself is an adjective and is used to describe the state of noun. … An abstract noun is defined as “the noun that can’t be touched or see” or “the noun can’t be perceived by five senses.” E.g.Love,Hatred,Honesty, Pride,Happiness,Wealth,History etc. The abstract noun of angry is anger.