Is Prior To Grammatically Correct?

What is the opposite to prior?

What is the opposite of prior?nextfollowingsucceedingsuccessiveapproachingimminentsubsequentialconsecutiveimpendinglatter12 more rows.

Can you end a sentence with prior?

One such rule is ending a sentence with a preposition. … Words and phrases such as except, prior to, as well as, and regarding are also prepositions.

What does prior to breakfast mean?

To be done prior to eating breakfast. (

Is Prior to correct grammar?

“prior to” are both grammatically correct choices for a sentence.

What is a prior job?

Prior Employment means any prior employment Employee has had —————- with either Employer or Employer’s Affiliates.

What is the difference between prior and previous?

Meaning. Prior refers to existing or coming before in time, order, or importance. Previous refers to existing or occurring before in time or order.

Is prior to before or after?

Idioms for prior prior to, preceding; before: Prior to that time, buffalo had roamed the Great Plains in tremendous numbers.

How do you use prior to?

Generally you should eat dinner prior to brushing your teeth. Use the adjective prior for things that exist earlier in time or that happen first in time or order.

What does prior to today mean?

: in advance of : before.

What does prior to a date mean?

adj. 1 prenominal previous; preceding. 2 ♦ prior to before; until.

What does prior to our conversation mean?

“Per our conversation” is a rather formal way of referencing a prior conversation or something you discussed with the person receiving the message. … As you can see from the example above, “per our conversation” could easily be replaced by “as we discussed earlier” or “as we agreed.”

What does prior to something mean?

1. before something happened or existed. The questions had been asked prior to my arrival.

What does prior to meals mean?

To be done prior to eating dinner. Before Breakfast. To be done prior to eating breakfast.

What is another word for prior to?

What is another word for prior to?beforeahead of’forein advance ofofprecedingtilltountilante-20 more rows

What is a good sentence for prior?

Prior sentence examples. I’d witnessed his reaction the prior night. She had received notice from Parkside’s police officer McCarthy the prior day, Tuesday, late in the afternoon. He’s not anxious to resurrect any of his prior difficulties.