Question: Can Only Go So Far Meaning?

What does Until now mean?

until now – used in negative statement to describe a situation that has existed up to this point or up to the present time; “So far he hasn’t called”; “the sun isn’t up yet” as yet, heretofore, hitherto, so far, thus far, til now, up to now, yet..

How’s your day been so far meaning?

Example: It is noon, you ask “How has your day been”, meaning “How has your day been so far?” If you ask someone this sentence after a hard working day, you should say: “How was your day?” because you use the past tense for actions / events that are over and can’t be changed any more.

Is it only if or if only?

“Only if” and “if only” are idiomatic phrases that are quite different in meaning. “If” is used to express a condition. When used after only i.e. only if, it expresses a strong condition or the only situation in which something can happen.

What tense we use with so far?

TenseTime wordsPresent ProgressiveNow; right now; at this momentFuture progressiveAt this time tomorrowPresent PerfectFor; since; yet; never; always; so far; # times; many times; lately; recently; already13 more rows

What does it mean when someone says if only?

—used to talk about something that one wants to happen or be trueIf only she loved me in return! If only it would stop raining.

What is mean so far so good?

Definition of so far, so good —used to say that something (such as a project or an activity) has proceeded well or without problems up to the present”How’s the work on your house going?” “There’s a lot more to do, but so far, so good.”

How do you say so far?

“His liberalism only extends so far.”…What is another word for so far?heretoforehithertotheretoforeyetthus farpreviouslyuntil nowformerlyearlierbefore54 more rows

Have gone so far meaning?

go as/so far as to do something be willing to go to extreme or surprising limits in dealing with something: She’s a brilliant painter, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say she is the best in the country. ♢ I don’t like people smoking but I wouldn’t go so far as to forbid it. See also: far, go, something.

How’s it going so far meaning?

phrase. If you tell or ask someone what has happened so far, you are telling or asking them what has happened up until the present point in a situation or story, and often implying that something different might happen later. It’s been quiet so far.

How far do we use?

We use how far to talk about distance. How far is our classroom from the washroom? It’s about 30 metres. We use how long to talk about the amount of time something takes.

Where do you put so far in a sentence?

He was handsome, though she wouldn’t go so far as to call him gorgeous. You’ve gone so far as to eliminate some of the enemies who likewise stumbled across her. She may go so far as not to be disappointed with it if she saw the handsome man again.

What is the difference between if only and I wish?

We use wish and if only to talk about things that we would like to be different in either the present or the past. If only is usually a bit stronger than wish.

What is the difference between so far and until now?

“Until now” implies that the situation that existed “until now” is about to change. In contrast, “so far” implies that the situation is not about to change, but will likely continue.

What does Kash mean?

The name Kash means Universe, Sky and is of Indian origin. Kash is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for boys. Used as a shortened version for the Sanskrit name “Akash,” meaning sky or universe. Sometimes used as an American version of the word “cash,” meaning money.