Question: Is Because A Reason?

What is the reason for or of?

Many times during our use of language, our words “for” and “of” can be of very similar meaning but context is very different or should be made to be different.

“of” points to a set of things.

“for” points to a purpose, a goal, a reason..

What is another word for reason?

RELATED WORDS AND SYNONYMS FOR REASONcause.ground.grounds.interest.justification.motive.rationale.rationalization.More items…

How do you use reason in a sentence?

I see no reason, sound or unsound, that he is tired….The Reason Why Is Because…The reason why they got married is they love each other.The reason that they got married is they love each other.The reason they got married is they love each other.The reason why they got married is because they love each other.

What are three reasons for writing?

+ Author’s Purpose 02/29/ Four Reasons for Writing 1. To Persuade (Persuasive) 2. To Inform (Expository) 3. To Entertain (Narrative/story) 4.

How do you introduce a list?

Format for ListsUse a colon to introduce the list items only if a complete sentence precedes the list. … Use both opening and closing parentheses on the list item numbers or letters: (a) item, (b) item, etc.Use either regular Arabic numbers or lowercase letters within the parentheses, but use them consistently.More items…

What is the difference between reason and why?

Yes, “the reason why” and “the reason is because” are redundant — guilty as charged. … In “the reason why,” why is a conjunction linking the noun reason to the phrase “you took my book.” (Equivalent usage includes the phrases “the place where” and “the time when.”) But because is a conjunction, too.

How do you list reasons?

Another way to list reasons would be in separate sentences, using the ordinal forms of the number words, like this: I came up with three reasons. First, this is my first reason….I came up with three reasons:This is my first reason, which contains a comma.This is my second reason.This is my third reason.

What is another word for main reason?

root cause; main reason; fundamental cause; principal cause; main ground; basic cause.

What are the 3 types of transitions?

1. The Three Transition Types Between Sentences, Transition Words, and Between Paragraphs: this equals….. Smooth Writing!

Can you say because?

‘The reason is because is a standard English phrase, one coming from the pen of good writers (Bacon, Frost, Wodehouse) for 400 years. It’s grammatically fine, and its supposed redundancy is at worst mild.

What is to reason?

A reason explains why you do something. The reason you go to school is to learn things (and because it’s the law). Reason usually has to do with thought and logic, as opposed to emotion. … If people think you have a good reason for doing something, it means you have a motive that makes sense. Reason can also be a verb.

Is reason why a tautology?

No. A tautology is an assertion, where the second half of the statement is just a direct repetition of the first half, that doesn’t add new information. … “Reason why” is just a part of speech, not a full statement. It is an unusual construction, but it is considered proper grammar.

What is a better word than because?

1. As – Writers commonly used this preposition instead of “because” or “because of”. It’s a direct synonym to “because”, but a secondary one.

What can I say instead of because?

Synonyms of because’cause,as,as long as,being (as or as how or that)[chiefly dialect],considering,for,inasmuch as,More items…

Is because correct grammar?

The short answer is “the reason why” is correct grammar but the “is because” part is not. At the most basic level of explanation, the “why” serves to emphasise “reason” (e.g. The reason why the brakes failed is unknown). Yes, “why” could be eliminated but that doesn’t make it incorrect.

Is it correct to say the reason is because?

“The reason is because” means the same thing as “The reason is [that]”, but it does NOT follow that because is redundant or incorrect. Instead, because is playing a non-semantic role in the larger sentence.

Is reason why a correct English?

The noun “reason” in this usage means “cause” or “the thing that makes some fact intelligible,” Merriam-Webster’s says. “Reason” in this sense, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is commonly used with “why,” “that,” “for,” or an infinitive. So all of these uses are correct: … The OED dates that usage from 1719.

Can we use bullet points in essay?

Bullet points are frowned upon in the essays. The structure of the essays should be formal, while the tone may deviate slighly from formal conventions (you don’t want to sound like you have a stick up your rear). Also, in your essays – should you mention numbers or rather write them – eg.