Question: Is If You Say So Rude?

Is saying good for you rude?

The US English phrase Good for you.

is an informal way to say congratulations.

Using Good for you.

sarcastically would be very, very rude of course.

You would know it is sarcasm from the unpleasant sound of the person’s voice..

How do you say goodbye in rude?

Cool Goodbye SayingsAdios, hippos.Time to scoot, little newt.Smell ya later!I gotta jet.Happy trails!Cheerio!Bye for now.Tootle-loo, kangaroo.More items…•

Will say Meaning?

informal. used to show that you agree very strongly with what has been said: “Does he eat a lot?” “I’ll say!” SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

What can I say instead of sure thing?

Truth. Find another word for sure thing. In this page you can discover 15 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for sure thing, like: no gamble, certain, certainty, safe venture, safe investment, winner, cinch, safe bet, shoo-in, dead certainty and cert..

Is saying get out rude?

No because it is more of a direct command than a polite request. Some people find it offensive because you are usually telling them to change something. Like get out there and improve yourself, as an example. It can be positive but if you are asking some to leave, then say please leave.

Can say so meaning?

English Language Learners Definition of say-so informal. : a statement that is not supported by any proof. : permission that is given by a person who has authority. : the power to decide something.

Is sure better than yes?

“Sure” is a more definite answer than “yes.” It displays a higher level of confidence. In everyday speech, the two words are used interchangeably.

What does sure mean from a girl?

Yeah, okaySure means “Yeah, okay.” or “I guess so, nothing else going on” etc. It basically means they may not be thrilled to do what you invited them for, but they’re going along with it. It doesn’t always mean that they hate you or hate the activity.

Is sure a sarcastic word?

Sure is an answer that specifically means I agree with you, or I will do as you wish. … Of course, you can say sure sarcastically, as with anything, in which case it usually implies the express opposite: “I do not agree!” or sometimes “I don’t believe you.”

How do you say get out politely?

If you’re hosting a party or other event and are ready for your guests to head home, you can let them know that it’s time to go. Say “Sorry, everyone, but the party’s over! I had a great time and hope to see you all again soon.” This is direct, but polite, and should get your guests moving along.

Will say or would say?

“I will say” is definite and unconditional. “I would say” is in theory conditional; you might say or you might not say. However, “would” is sometimes used in place of “will” to make unconditional statements a bit softer or more polite or to indicate a pattern of behavior.

What does I would say so mean?

“i’d say so” express the feeling of agreement, just another way of saying “i agree w you” “i’d say so” express the feeling of agreement, just another way of saying “i agree w you”

Can I say sure to thanks?

The word sure is sometimes used to respond to Thank you. Saying sure in response to thank you is very informal. It is a replacement for the more standard You’re welcome and means much the same as the more formal response certainly.

How do you say sure professionally?

Polite Ways to Say Yes in EnglishYeah, sure. Here you go.No problem! I’m always happy to help.Yep! I will be right there. (Yep is another informal way to say yes like yeah.)Yeah, I’d be happy to!Cool. (Yes, cool can really be used to say yes or to show agreement.)You got it.Okay.

How do you say OK to boss?

That sounds great, thank you!Great Plan, looking forward do it!Okay that sounds great to me, let me know if anything changes in the mean time.Perfect! Thank you for your work on this!Okay that sounds great! See you then!Okay, that works for me. Thanks again!Okay, thank you for letting me know.Okay, I agree.More items…

What is a fancy word for yes?

In this page you can discover 69 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for yes, like: aye, yup, mais oui (French), oh yes!, agree, by-all-means, consent, affirmative, indubitably, true and yea.

Is sure rude?

If asked a question that would warrant a “yes “ or “no” answer saying sure could be seen as being rude. Usually it means the person didn’t understand the question and instead of asking for clarity or for the question to be repeated they would say “sure”. … Sure… not rude, but annoying.