Question: Is It Correct To Say The Reason Is Because?

What’s wrong with the phrasing the reason is because?

There are two reasons why many grammar experts disapprove of the reason is because: Because is redundant because it means ‘for the reason that’ (The reason is for the reason that…) Is is a linking verb and should not be followed by an adverbial clause introduced by the conjunction because..

What is another word for reason?

RELATED WORDS AND SYNONYMS FOR REASONcause.ground.grounds.interest.justification.motive.rationale.rationalization.More items…

How do you list reasons?

Another way to list reasons would be in separate sentences, using the ordinal forms of the number words, like this: I came up with three reasons. First, this is my first reason….I came up with three reasons:This is my first reason, which contains a comma.This is my second reason.This is my third reason.

Is reason why a tautology?

No. A tautology is an assertion, where the second half of the statement is just a direct repetition of the first half, that doesn’t add new information. … “Reason why” is just a part of speech, not a full statement. It is an unusual construction, but it is considered proper grammar.

Is it correct to say reason why?

No. The phrase reason why is not correct. Since the word reason itself explains the question why, it becomes unnecessary to avoid using the latter after the former. This is just like how people say discuss about, which too uses the preposition unnecessarily.

How do you use reason in a sentence?

Reason sentence examplesHe had no reason to worry. … For some reason, he experienced a very realistic vision. … Maybe there was another reason he decided to reclaim his money. … I think everyone was guilty of staring at her at least once – if for no other reason, wondering if she was going to fall out of her dress. … No reason to learn.More items…

What is the difference between reason and why?

Yes, “the reason why” and “the reason is because” are redundant — guilty as charged. … In “the reason why,” why is a conjunction linking the noun reason to the phrase “you took my book.” (Equivalent usage includes the phrases “the place where” and “the time when.”) But because is a conjunction, too.

What to use instead of is because?

11 Substitutes for because and because ofAs and since. These conjunctions are used when the reason is already known to the reader or when it is not the most important part of the sentence. … As a result of. As a result of is a substitute for ‘because of’. … As long as. As long as can mean ‘since’ or ‘because’. … Due to. … For. … Inasmuch as. … In view of the fact that. … Now that.More items…

What is to reason?

Reason usually has to do with thought and logic, as opposed to emotion. … If people think you show good reason, or are reasonable, it means you think things through. If people think you have a good reason for doing something, it means you have a motive that makes sense. Reason can also be a verb.

Is reason and purpose the same?

The difference between Purpose and Reason. When used as nouns, purpose means an object to be reached, whereas reason means that which causes something: an efficient cause, a proximate cause.