Question: Is Prior To Correct Grammar?

Is prior to before or after?

prior to, preceding; before: Prior to that time, buffalo had roamed the Great Plains in tremendous numbers..

What does prior to this date mean?

adj. 1 prenominal previous; preceding. 2 ♦ prior to before; until.

What is another word for prior to?

What is another word for prior to?beforeahead of’forein advance ofofprecedingtilltountilante-20 more rows

How do you use prior engagement in a sentence?

prior engagement in a sentence”I told him I couldn’t come because I had a prior engagement,”Regular play-by-play announcer Marty Reid was unable to broadcast because of prior engagements.Kuhn argued that he had a prior engagement that he could not break.General manager Chris Wallace said he had a prior engagement.More items…

How do you use Prior in a sentence?

Prior sentence examplesI’d witnessed his reaction the prior night. … She had received notice from Parkside’s police officer McCarthy the prior day, Tuesday, late in the afternoon. … He’s not anxious to resurrect any of his prior difficulties. … Dean was reminded of his prior night’s dream.More items…

What is a prior job?

Prior Employment for any Participant shall mean full-time employment with the Company prior to one or more breaks in service for such Participant.

What is the root word of previous?

Previous means the one that just came before. For instance, the previous sentence explained the meaning of the word previous. With previous, you first see that the prefix pre meaning “before.” The second part of the word, vius, — think via — means “road,” so you’re talking about the road, or thing, before.

What does prior to something mean?

phrase. DEFINITIONS1. 1. before something happened or existed. The questions had been asked prior to my arrival.

Can you end a sentence with prior?

The English language grows and changes every day, which means grammar rules must change with it. One such rule is ending a sentence with a preposition. Yes, you can do it! … Words and phrases such as except, prior to, as well as, and regarding are also prepositions.

What part of speech is prior to?

preposition. Save Word. To save this word, you’ll need to log in. Log In.

What does prior knowledge mean?

Prior knowledge is the information and educational context a learner already has before they learn new information. A learner’s understanding of educational material can be improved by taking advantage of their prior knowledge before dealing with the new material.

What is the opposite to prior?

What is the opposite of prior?nextfollowingsucceedingsuccessiveapproachingimminentsubsequentialconsecutiveimpendinglatter12 more rows

What is the difference between prior and previous?

Prior refers to existing or coming before in time, order, or importance. Previous refers to existing or occurring before in time or order.

How do you use prior?

Generally you should eat dinner prior to brushing your teeth. Use the adjective prior for things that exist earlier in time or that happen first in time or order. This is a formal word that is often used in legal language.

What does post and prior mean?

The prefixes “pre-” and “post-” refer to events before and after. For instance, “pre-season” and “post-season” or “pre-study” and “post-study”.