Question: Were Sent Or Were Send?

Did not send or sent?

Since to send is the whole verb, you should use It didn’t send the messages..

Which is correct wrong send or wrong sent?

Send and sent are verbs. … It is incorrect to say “wrong sent” basically because sent is a verb and it is an adverb, not an adjective that modifies a verb. The correct form therefore is wrongLY sent. I also use missent.

Are sent or were sent?

Are sent – implies that on a regular basis, say mails, are forwarded to you. The action of forwarding happens in every past time period and so SENT is used, while the action of forwarding is a present issue as well, and therefore, ARE is used before SENT.

Has sent or has send?

I have sent you an email vs I have send you an email. When using the helping verb have, the correct form of the past tense of the verb to send is sent. Expert Tip! If the action is complete, it is usually better to use the more direct form, I sent you an email.

Would sent or would send?

will be sent is the correct one. If i remember correctly, it is “passive verb”. Usually, the structure is will/is/are/would/could (or without) + verb at infinitive + verb in past participle.

How do you use sent and sent in a sentence?

Send is present and future tense eg I will send you the letters or please send me the letters. While sent is past tense, eg I received the letters you sent yesterday. e.g – I asked my mother to send me some money. She sent it yesterday.

Has been sent meaning?

1 means that the action happened just now. You would typically see it in your e-mail program just after you send an e-mail. Your program might give you this message to let you know that the message you just sent has indeed been sent. 2 refers to something that happened at some time in the past.

Where we use have had?

Had had is the past perfect form of have when it is used as a main verb to describe our experiences and actions. We use the past perfect when we are talking about the past and want to refer back to an earlier past time, Madiini.

What is future tense of send?

Well, send is the verb. This verb can be used in future tense as follows : will / shall send (future simple tense) … will / shall have sent (future perfect tense)

Has submitted or had submitted?

Present perfect tense is used, because the actions related to your application (review and decision) are in the present time frame. Past perfect would be correct if those actions were completed: I had submitted the application, but the position was already filled.

What is difference between send and sent?

The difference between send and sent is that the former is the present tense of the verb ‘send’. The latter on the other hand, is the past tense of the verb ‘send’.

What’s the definition of send?

verb (used with object), sent, send·ing. to cause, permit, or enable to go: to send a messenger; They sent their son to college. to cause to be conveyed or transmitted to a destination: to send a letter. to order, direct, compel, or force to go: The president sent troops to Asia.

What is the past form of sent?

past tense of send is sent.