Question: What Does All But Something Mean?

Is all but dead meaning?

almost; nearly.

all but dead.

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What does all but a few mean?

all but a few = all except a few = almost all. You explained very well, thanks a lot.

What does anyone but you mean?

Here it means except/apart from/ without. In the sentence mentioned in the question anyone but you means anyone except you. And there’s no need of a comma before but.

What does nothing but the truth mean?

The absolute truth about something, without omission, embellishment, or alteration. Used to swear in witnesses while giving evidence in court, and used by extension in other contexts. Tell me the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. …

What does not nearly mean?

: much less than : not at all There’s not nearly enough flour for a cake here.

How do you use nearly?

Nearly sentence examplesYou were nearly killed. … She had nearly married a man just like her father. … Nearly two weeks had passed since the killing. … A few weeks later her style is more nearly correct and freer in movement. … We’ve been married for nearly five years, and we just made love. … It was nearly midnight by the time they left.More items…

What does all but forgotten mean?

First, it can mean “all except”. For example: “all but one have died” means “only one survived”. Second, it can mean “nearly”. For example, “all but forgotten” means “nearly forgotten”. This second use is indeed the opposite of the literal meaning and should in my opinion be avoided in order to prevent confusion.

What does all but abandoned mean?

it suggests and means “almost completely”. So, “all but wiped out” means “everything except wiped out” eg. annihilated, destroyed, one guy left alive, etc.

How do you use all but in a sentence?

All-but sentence examplesAll her dreams had been dashed – all but one. … The group trudged upstairs, all but Quinn who remained with his equipment. … Wrapping his arms around her in a bear hug, he all but dragged her down the hall. … It all seemed to be tailor made to her preferences – all but the part about staying alone in the house with him.More items…

Why do we say all but?

The “all but” idiom refers to the fact that the subject of the idiom is as close to being described by the adjective as it can be without being completely and accurately described by that adjective.

What does virtually mean?

adverb. for the most part; almost wholly; just about: He is virtually unknown.

What does the phrase all but mean?

The adverbial phrase all but (no need to hyphenate it) means almost, nearly, or on the verge of. It signals that the following word is almost but not quite the case. For example, if I say, I all but ran to the door, it means I walked very fast to the door but did not run.

Do nothing but meaning?

You use nothing but in front of a noun, an infinitive without ‘to,’ or an ‘-ing’ form to mean ‘only. ‘ All that money brought nothing but sadness and misery and tragedy. It did nothing but make us ridiculous.

Is all but gone meaning?

It means nearly. All but gone = nearly gone, or only a few left. All but finished = nearly finished, but just a little left to go. I’ve had/done it all but the last little bit.

What is another word for nearly?

Nearly Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for nearly?almostpracticallyaboutvirtuallynearapproximatelyroughlynighborderlinefairly103 more rows

What is the meaning of nearly?

1 : in a close manner or relationship nearly related. 2a : almost but not quite nearly identical nearly a year later. b : to the least extent not nearly as good as we expected. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about nearly.

How do you use all?

All as a determiner All means ‘every one’, ‘the complete number or amount’ or ‘the whole’. We use it most often as a determiner. We can use a countable noun or an uncountable noun after it: All my friends are away at university.

What does is but a mean?

Life is [nothing] but a dream. The popularity trend of the phrase “is nothing but a” versus “is but a” indicates the frequency of the poetic latter formulation is trending down towards that of the former, to a point about 20 years ago where they are nearly equal in occurrence.

What is the meaning of had but?

“Had but” is similar to “had only” or “had just”. So it means that they had only recently come together again. It sounds more formal, or perhaps a little old-fashioned. Another few examples: “I had but two pounds to my name” (I had only £2); “You have but to ask” (You [have only [only need] to ask).

Is nothing if not meaning?

: to an extreme degree : very He is nothing if not persistent.