Question: What Is Another Word For Hug?

What cuddling means?


to hold (another person or thing) close or (of two people, etc) to hold each other close, as for affection, comfort, or warmth; embrace; hug.

(intr foll by up) to curl or snuggle up into a comfortable or warm position..

What does Embosom mean?

to enfold, envelop, or enclose. to take into or hold in the bosom; embrace.

What is the synonym of hugged?

What is another word for hug?embracesqueezeclaspclinchcuddlecaressclutchholdaffectionbear hug20 more rows

What is the antonyms of Hug?

Antonyms of HUG free, write off, let go, push, donate, jeer, cry down, turn away, give, offer, release, push away, reject.

How do you describe a hug?

Here are some adjectives for hug: quick welcome, heartfelt extra, bear-like but affectionate, warm and protective, affectionate mental, fierce, rare, pleasantly resilient, long and very nice, titanic and convulsive, spontaneous and rewarding, fierce girlish, stiff but heartfelt, protective, helpless, quick but tight, …

What is the opposite of a kiss?

What are the antonyms for KISS? ram, knock, punch, whack.

Why do I crave a hug?

“When we hug someone, that physical contact releases a hormone in the body called oxytocin,” she told the ABC. “Oxytocin makes us feel warm and nice. … So psychologically we feel like we can trust a person, we feel warm towards a person and we can feel that love effect. “That’s why people go back for more.

What rhymes with hugs and kisses?

There are no pure rhymes for “hugs and kisses”.

What can I say instead of hugs and kisses?

What is another word for hugs and kisses?xoxoxxxkisseslots of lovelovelove and hugslove from

What do you call a person who loves to hug?

Gregarious gets close to describing such a person. – Kris Jul 10 ’17 at 12:10. 1. kissing, hugging, embracing and holding hands are all manifestations of affection. You can describe yourself as being affectionate, and in touch with your feelings, although that doesn’t necessarily imply you are openly affectionate.

What are 3 types of hugs?

Here are the most common types of hugs, and what they mean.Bear Hug. Image for representative purpose. … Polite Hug. Image for representative purpose. … One-Way Hug. Image for representative purpose. … Intimate Hug. Image for representative purpose. … Buddy Hug. Image for representative purpose. … Back Hug.

What is a Selenophile?

: a plant that when growing in a seleniferous soil tends to take up selenium in quantities greater than can be explained on a basis of chance.

What word rhymes with hug?

WordRhyme ratingCategoriestug100Nounmug100Nounshrug100Noun, Verbslug100Noun96 more rows