Question: What Is The Definition Of Hesitation?

What’s another word for without hesitation?

What is another word for without hesitation?with good gracecheerfullygladlyhappilyunhesitatinglywillinglywithout reluctancewith pleasureeagerlypromptly41 more rows.

What are the 7 human emotions?

Here’s a rundown of those seven universal emotions, what they look like, and why we’re biologically hardwired to express them this way:Anger. … Fear. … Disgust. … Happiness. … Sadness. … Surprise. … Contempt.

What are the 12 emotions?

c, The 12 distinct varieties of emotional prosody that are preserved across cultures correspond to 12 categories of emotion—Adoration, Amusement, Anger, Awe, Confusion, Contempt, Desire, Disappointment, Distress, Fear, Interest and Sadness.

How do you overcome hesitation?

Here are four ways by which you overcome and get past your hesitation.Understanding hesitation. There is no way to overcome your hesitation without first understanding it. … Challenge your fears. Hesitation often leads to anxiety, which is quite simply a fear of the unknown. … Relax. … Set goals.

What is the synonym of hesitate?

Words related to hesitate ponder, pause, balk, waffle, waver, falter, stumble, dither, defer, swerve, pussyfoot, seesaw, debate, dillydally, alternate, delay, flounder, doubt, fumble, shrink.

What are the causes of hesitation?

Reasons Behind HesitationFear. As the number one culprit behind hesitation, and I am talking about the bad type, is fear. … Low Self Worth and Lack of Confidence. Remember, you are as good as you allow yourself to be. … Comfort Zone. … Too Many Options. … Overthinking.

How do you use hesitate?

Hesitate sentence examplesShe didn’t hesitate and took it. … I didn’t think you’d hesitate to help someone, if you could. … The Immortals won’t hesitate to hurt you. … Do you think I would hesitate to collect, if they were not? … No matter what he felt, he couldn’t hesitate to execute his plan. … You would hesitate to claim her as you should.More items…

What does without hesitation mean?

: with no delay or doubts I would do it again without hesitation.

What’s the opposite of hesitation?

What is the opposite of hesitation?certaintyresolutiondecisivenesseagernessfaithgoperseverancesurenesstrustconviction23 more rows

What is the opposite of hesitation?

Antonyms: assurance, belief, certainty, confidence, conviction, decision, determination, persuasion, resolution, resolve. Synonyms: disbelief, distrust, doubt, doubt, hesitancy, incredulity, indecision, irresolution, misgiving, perplexity, question, scruple, skepticism, suspense, suspicion, unbelief, uncertainty.

What do you mean by hesitation?

the act of hesitating; a delay due to uncertainty of mind or fear: His hesitation cost him the championship. a state of doubt or uncertainty. a halting or faltering in speech.

What part of speech is hesitation?

hesitatepart of speech:intransitive verbinflections:hesitates, hesitating, hesitateddefinition 1:to refrain momentarily from carrying out some action; pause in uncertainty. He hesitated for a moment before diving into the water. synonyms: boggle, falter similar words: balk, halt, halt, hang, pause, stall, waver4 more rows

Is hesitation an emotion?

However, in the correct setting, and in brief timeframes, these emotions are totally regular. … … Negative sentiments and feelings beginning with H letter: Hateful, Heartbroken, Helpless, Hesitant, Hesitant, Hostile, Humiliated, Hurt.

What is a sentence for hesitate?

Examples of hesitate in a Sentence She hesitated and waited for her friend to say something. He hesitated about accepting the job. I sometimes hesitate to say what I am really thinking. I hesitated to come without being asked.

What are the 10 basic emotions?

With that said, we prepared in cooperation with Meowessay 10 of the most universal emotions and what they mean:Happiness. One of the first core emotions we all experience is happiness. … Sadness. … Anger. … Anticipation. … Fear. … Loneliness. … Jealousy. … Disgust.More items…•