Question: What Is The Plural Of Layman?

What is the plural form of easy?

easiesThe plural form of easy is easies..

How do you use layman’s terms in a sentence?

Using “Layman’s Terms” in a SentenceIn layman’s terms, the defendant is the person who is accused of the crime.The defendant, or in layman’s terms, the person who is accused of the crime, entered the courtroom.As the defendant entered the courtroom, Ellen asked me to explain the proceedings in layman’s terms.

What is the antonym of personal?

Antonyms: impersonal, nonsubjective, objective, nonpersonal, mental.

What is another word for layman?

What is another word for layman?believerdilettantenonprofessionalnoviceoutsiderparishionerproselyterecruitsecularlay person2 more rows

What is a clergyman?

English Language Learners Definition of clergyman : a man who is a member of the clergy especially in a Christian church. See the full definition for clergyman in the English Language Learners Dictionary. clergyman. noun. cler·​gy·​man | \ ˈklər-ji-mən \

What is the difference between laity and clergy?

As nouns the difference between clergy and laity is that clergy is body of persons, such as ministers, priests and rabbis, who are trained and ordained for religious service while laity is people of a church who are not ordained clergy or clerics.

Is layman’s terms offensive?

Layman is not an insult or slur, but, like others have pointed out, it can sometimes be insulting to say that someone isn’t a subject-matter expert. Meanwhile, I’m more concerned that you’re using layman in cases where it isn’t appropriate, lexically. It doesn’t just mean an ordinary person.

What is another word for personal?

What is another word for personal?individualparticularsignaturesingularsubjectiveespecialclaimedrespectivespecificdistinguishing218 more rows

What do you mean by laymen?

1 : a person who is not a member of the clergy The parish council consisted of both clergy and laymen. 2 : a person who does not belong to a particular profession or who is not expert in some field For a layman, he knows a lot about the law.

What are laymen or laypeople?

A layperson (also layman or laywoman) is a person who is not qualified in a given profession or does not have specific knowledge of a certain subject. In Christian cultures, the term lay priest was sometimes used in the past to refer to a secular priest, a diocesan priest who is not a member of a religious order.

Is layman a word?

noun nonprofessional, amateur, outsider, lay person, non-expert, nonspecialist There are basically two types, called, in layman’s terms, blue and white asbestos.

How do you use a layman?

He was clearly not a priest, but what we would now call a layman. layman interested in the subject.

Who is a layman what do we call a person who is not a layman?

layman (plural laymen) Layperson, someone who is not an ordained cleric or member of the clergy. (by extension) Someone who is not a professional in a given field.

Who is layman in layman’s terms?

The term layman has today come to mean “a person who does not belong to a particular profession or who is not expert in some field.” It also has a somewhat less commonly known meaning of “a person who is not a member of the clergy”, which is its original definition.