Question: What Means Unpleasant?

What is a sentence for illegal?

Illegal sentence examples.

There was nothing illegal going on, simply mysterious.

It was hard to picture him involved with anything illegal…

but why?.

What is an unpleasant noun?

something that is displeasing or offensive, as an experience, event, or situation: An unpleasantness made them ill-at-ease. an unpleasant feeling or sensation caused by disagreeable or painful stimuli.

What is meaning of disgusting?

: causing a strong feeling of dislike or disinclination : causing disgust the food was disgusting a disgusting magazine a disgusting way to treat people.

How do you use unpleasant in a sentence?

Unpleasant sentence examplesLet’s not think of unpleasant things right now. … I can make it unpleasant for you. … It would be an excellent opportunity to get out of this house with its unpleasant memories. … The trip to Fayetteville wasn’t as unpleasant as she had anticipated.More items…

What’s another word for unpleasant?

Unpleasant Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for unpleasant?nastydisagreeabledispleasingdistastefultroublesomeannoyingirksomeirritatingbadmiserable226 more rows

What is another word for experience?

What is another word for experience?knowledgeskillwisdomexpertiseexposurefamiliarityinvolvementproficiencyskillscapability220 more rows

What is the meaning of unpleasant smell?

adj having an unpleasant smell Synonyms: ill-smelling, malodorous, malodourous, stinky bilgy. smelling like bilge water. fetid, foetid, foul, foul-smelling, funky, ill-scented, noisome, smelly, stinking. offensively malodorous.

What is the definition of vexatious?

adjective. causing vexation; troublesome; annoying: a vexatious situation. … (of legal actions) instituted without sufficient grounds and serving only to cause annoyance to the defendant.

What is an unpleasant?

not pleasant; displeasing; disagreeable; offensive: an unpleasant taste; an unpleasant situation; an unpleasant manner.

What does unpleasant mean how do you know?

adjective. If something is unpleasant, it gives you bad feelings, for example by making you feel upset or uncomfortable.

What is the meaning of unpleasantly in English?

: not pleasing or agreeable an unpleasant smell. Other Words from unpleasant. unpleasantly adverb. unpleasantness noun.