Quick Answer: Does Pretty Mean Very?

Is pretty good better than good?

Good, to an imprecise degree.

I wouldn’t say it has a flavour of sarcasm, but a flavour of “more or less”.

So when you answer “good” then everything is well and truly definitely good but when you say “pretty good” you’re just less than sure about the well and truly definitely part.

“Pretty good” is more non-committal..

Is pretty much formal?

The meanings of the two phrases are the same, but they are different with regards to formality. Pretty much is more informal than basically. I would only use pretty much in conversational contexts, but basically I would use in both conversational contexts and more formal ones.

How do you use pretty in a sentence?

Pretty sentence examplesYour aunt and uncle seem pretty fond of you. … Oh, what a pretty sound it made! … We just turned off the highway, so we’ll be there pretty soon. … Truthfully, it is pretty awful. … It was a pretty place, with vines growing thickly over the broad front porch. … Should he buy a pretty toy?More items…

What is pretty much net worth?

$491,000 dollarsPretty Much It is an American YouTube channel that has a net worth of $491,000 dollars as of September 2020.

What is the difference between pretty and very?

As adverbs the difference between very and pretty is that very is to a great extent or degree; extremely; exceedingly while pretty is somewhat, fairly, quite; sometimes also (by meiosis) very.

Why do we say pretty much?

It means aproximately, just about, or almost. You’d use it when you summed up something but left out some minor details: “That’s pretty much it.” Nowadays, it’s also common to use it in an exchange like this: “So, your boss is a jerk.”

What word can I use instead of basically?

basicallyfundamentally, primarily, principally, chiefly, essentially, elementally, firstly, predominantly.above all, first of all, most of all, first and foremost, in essence, at bottom, at heart.mostly, for the most part, in the main, mainly, on the whole, by and large, substantially, in substance.intrinsically, inherently.More items…

What does mean pretty much?

Adverb. pretty much (not comparable) Almost completely; very nearly; mostly; more or less; basically.

What type of adverb is pretty?

The qualifying adverb pretty, meaning “fairly or moderately” has been in general use since the late 16th century. Although most common in informal speech and writing, it is far from restricted to them, and often is less stilted than alternatives such as relatively, moderately, and quite.

Which type of adverb is really?

An adverb of degree tells us the level or extent that something is done or happens. Words of adverb of degree are almost, much, nearly, quite, really, so, too, very, etc.

What can I say instead of pretty much?

What is another word for pretty much?prettyquitefairlymoderatelyratherrelativelysomewhatreasonablycomparativelydecently39 more rows

Can you say more pretty?

So prettier is correct. More pretty is incorrect. For other two syllable nouns not ending in y the comparative is formed by adding -er, and sometimes by using more before the noun. … More is placed before nouns with three or more syllables to form the comparative.

Is pretty much grammatically correct?

Applying the rules of transformational grammar, “correct” is an adjective, “much” is an adverb modifying “correct,” “pretty” is an adverb modifying “much.” The clause, “This is all pretty much correct,” is not bad English, but it is colloquial—OK for use in these fora, but not in professional or academic writing.

What is another word for pretty?

What is another word for pretty?attractivelovelygood-lookingappealingbeautifulfetchingcharmingcutesweetnice226 more rows

What does pretty bad mean?

You would say “pretty bad” instead of “very bad” or “just bad” when you want to emphasize that it is probably much worse than people may think.