Quick Answer: Is Freely An Adverb?

What type of word is frankly?

“Frankly” is an adverbial form of the adjective “frank,” which Middle English got from franc in Old French around 1300.

At that time, both the English and French adjectives meant free..

Is frankly an adverb?

FRANKLY (adverb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What does frankly mean?

in a frank manner; freely; candidly; openly; plainly: He presented his arguments frankly and objectively.

Is freely an adjective?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfree‧ly /ˈfriːli/ ●●○ adverb 1 without anyone stopping or limiting something the country’s first freely elected president EU members are allowed to travel freely between member states.

Is against an adverb?

Against is also an adverb. The vote for the suspension of the party was 283 in favour with 29 against. If you compete against someone in a game, you try to beat them. The tour will include games against the Australian Barbarians.

What kind of word is freely?

freely adverb (WITHOUT BEING HELD )

What does bluntly mean?

Bluntly definitions. Filters. The definition of bluntly is something said or done in a direct and truthful manner without trying to select words that are nice to hear. When you come right out and state a harsh truth, this is an example of saying something bluntly. adverb.

Is freely an adjective or adverb?

freely adverb (WITHOUT BEING HELD )

What does freely available mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English freely availablevery easy to obtain Information is freely available on the Internet. → freelyExamples from the Corpusfreely available• The office facilities which include a duplicator and photocopier are freely available.

What is another word for free?

What is another word for free?complimentaryfree of chargefreebiegratisgratuitouswithout chargeas a giftchargelesscostlesson the house26 more rows

What part of speech is freely?

adverbFREELY (adverb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What does it mean to give freely?

If someone gives or does something freely, they give or do it willingly, without being ordered or forced to do it.

What does readily mean?

promptly; quickly; easily: The information is readily available. in a ready manner; willingly: He readily agreed to help us.

What does candidly mean?

adj. 1. a. Characterized by openness and sincerity of expression; unreservedly straightforward: In private, I gave them my candid opinion.

What does crinkly mean?

adjective, crin·kli·er, crin·kli·est. having crinkles. making a rustling noise.