Quick Answer: Is Lastly A Word?

How do you say at the end?

At the termination.

At the end.

In the end.

After it was over….Here are 21 different ways:In conclusion.Finally.Epilogue:Ultimately.After the dust settled,The aftermath was/ Aftermath:Once it was over.Upon completion.More items….

How do you use to end a sentence?

In the end is used mostly as an idiom that means “finally,” “after a long time,” or, “when everything is considered.” It is often followed by a comma. Here are some sentences with this idiom: We worked hard, and in the end, we achieved our goal. In the end, what really matters in a friendship is trust.

Is finally formal?

Formal English: We use it when writing essays for school, cover letters to apply for jobs, or emails and letters at work….Transitions – Informal & Formal.InformalFormalIn the end,FinallyTo sum upIn conclusion,In a nutshell/BasicallyTo summarize,Anyway,Notwithstanding32 more rows

Is it correct to say at the end?

Simply put, at the end refers to a specific time or location, whilst in the end is an idiomatic phrase that means in conclusion or in summary.

What is different between in and at?

= in refers to inside the library and at generally refers to meeting outside at the entrance (although English speakers can use both to mean the inside). As you can see, some of these functions are logical while others have to be committed to memory. These are only a few uses and examples.

Is Lastly grammatically correct?

The word “lastly” is a variation of “last,” an adverb meaning “in the final position, place, or time”; it is grammatical…

Is last or lastly correct?

You can say either “last” or “lastly” to introduce your final instruction. It doesn’t seem that pouring oil into the pan is the last step, though.

Can you use lastly in a sentence?

The ground had to be dug over, dressed with some compost and lastly covered with the topsoil. And lastly, most women, even younger women, are still failing to take emotional ownership of their money.

What kind of word is lastly?

in conclusion; in the last place; finally.