Quick Answer: Is Suit Yourself Rude?

What are things that fold?

Things that can be folded 1your arms.T-shirt.shirt.pants.jeans.sweater.sheet.bed sheet.More items….

What is reply of all the best?

Depends on the intention of the person saying it. Said as a good wish: Say “ Thanks,” “Thanks a lot,” “I really need it,” “I am glad you said that.” Said as a challenge: Say “to you too,” “wait and watch,” “no thanks,” “I don’t need it,” or “You need it more.”

What does isit stand for?

International Symposium on Information TheoryAcronym. Definition. ISIT. International Symposium on Information Theory.

What does do what’s the best for you mean?

Doing something with no regard for its consequences to others, or that is deliberately detrimental to others. One meaning connotes malevolence, and the other does not.

What does fold like a cheap suit mean?

To offer little resistance; to submit easily. (A poorly-made suitcase would be prone to collapsing.) I think this team’s defense will fold like a cheap suitcase if we just put a little more pressure on them. See also: cheap, fold, like, suitcase.

How do you spell bedroom suit?

I know what the people who say or write them are doing. They are mispronouncing or misspelling the noun that means a furniture set, most particularly the set of furniture necessary to furnish one room. That noun is “suite” — NOT “suit”!

What does dressed to the T mean?

to a T to a tee You can use to a T or to a tee to mean perfectly or exactly right. For example, if something suits you to a T, it suits you perfectly. If you have an activity or skill down to a T, you have succeeded in doing it exactly right. [informal]

Is it rude to say what do you mean?

It’s actually quite common in English to ask that question. It doesn’t mean you are being rude, it’s simply checking that the other person is following what you’re saying. It would generally be perceived as the speaker confirming their own words make sense rather than being rude to the listener.

What does it mean when someone says Suit yourself?

informal. an expression used either humorously or angrily to mean “do what you want to do”: “I don’t think I’ll come to the party tonight.” “All right, suit yourself!”

What does it mean if something suits you?

A suit is also an appeal to someone who has something you want — like money or affection. … If a hat looks good on you, it suits you. In fact, you can say of just about anything you like, “That suits me.” Like a well-fitting suit, when something suits you, you enjoy it and feel comfortable with it.

When should you use a suit yourself?

“Suit yourself” is used when somebody else makes a decision about something that they want or a particular way that they want to do things, and you don’t necessarily agree, but you recognize that they have decided that that’s the best way for them.

Where did the phrase Suit yourself come from?

The Oxford dictionary says “suit yourself” meaning “please yourself” was in British usage in the 1500s. So that nullifies one common claim that the phrase originated in the American West during the 1800s.