Quick Answer: What Does It Mean When You Say All But?

Is all but dead meaning?

almost; nearly.

all but dead.

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What does I have nothing but love for you mean?

It sounds like a cute saying, but not an “I love you” statement. He is trying to say he has love for you in his heart. He values you and appreciates you, but isn’t in love with you. It means he holds no animosity over the break-up which is a good thing.

Is all but impossible meaning?

It means “nearly” or “almost.” It appears in several idiomatic expressions: The battle of Krasny Bor is all but forgotten. Asking an agoraphobic to travel by plane may all but impossible.

What is the meaning of nearly?

1 : in a close manner or relationship nearly related. 2a : almost but not quite nearly identical nearly a year later. b : to the least extent not nearly as good as we expected. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about nearly.

What does it mean when someone says all but?

The adverbial phrase all but (no need to hyphenate it) means almost, nearly, or on the verge of. It signals that the following word is almost but not quite the case. For example, if I say, I all but ran to the door, it means I walked very fast to the door but did not run.

How do you use the phrase all but?

I WOULD like to know how to use the phrase “all but”, for example, “I’m all but against bullying.” “All but” means 1) almost or very nearly and 2) all except. When you say “I’m all but against bullying.”, it means that you are almost against bullying, but not totally so.

What does all but over mean?

English term or phrase: to be all but over. Selected answer: to have more or less/almost completely come to an end.

What does the phrase anything but mean?

phrase. You use anything but in expressions such as anything but quiet and anything but attractive to emphasize that something is not the case. [emphasis]

What does is but a mean?

Life is [nothing] but a dream. The popularity trend of the phrase “is nothing but a” versus “is but a” indicates the frequency of the poetic latter formulation is trending down towards that of the former, to a point about 20 years ago where they are nearly equal in occurrence.

What does has all but ceased mean?

Example: For the phrase “All but finished” The intended meaning is “Almost finished” However, it can also be translated as “Not finished” (every case except finished) As we know, “Almost finished” and “Not finished” have nearly opposing definitions, therefore proving the construction “all but…”

Is anything but a sentence?

He said it would be a cheap holiday; it turned out to be anything but. The new boss is anything but charming when I met him. Our meeting schedule is anything but definite.

What is the meaning of nothing but everything?

“Nothing but” is an emphatic way of saying “only.” If a basketball shot hits “nothing but net” it means it didn’t hit the backboard or the rim, it just swished through. It connotes enthusiasm, not just a statement of fact. “Everything but” can be used literally, but usually not.

What does virtually mean?

adverb. for the most part; almost wholly; just about: He is virtually unknown.