Quick Answer: What Is An Expository Text?

What is an expository?


of the nature of exposition; exposition; serving to expound, set forth, or explain: an expository essay; expository writing..

How do you know this is expository text?

Expository text is a type of informational text that provides factual information about a topic using a clear, non-narrative organizational structure with a major topic and supporting information. ffl Expository texts can include topics such as historical, scientific or economic information.

What are three examples of expository?

Five of the most common types of expository writing are descriptive essays, process essays, comparison essays, cause/effect essays and problem/solution essays.

What is the example of expository?

The purpose of expository writing differs from creative writing or persuasive writing. The purpose is merely to inform-to provide information. Examples of Expository Writing: This morning at 9am, a school bus collided with a car at the intersection of Jones and Heard streets.

What makes expository text difficult for some learners?

Expository text can also be challenging because its structure is different from the typical story structure familiar to students. Structure refers to the way information is organized in a text. Meyer (1975) was the first to describe different types of expository text structures.

What is the difference between informational text and expository text?

It is informational text (text that gives information) that explains something to the reader. … The only difference is that expository text can include opinions. Informational text just sticks to the facts.

What is the purpose of an expository text?

Expository text exists to provide facts in a way that is educational and purposeful. The text is fact-based with the purpose of exposing the truth through a reliable source. True and deliberate expository text will focus on educating its reader. Other descriptors of exposition are clear, concise, and organized writing.

What are the elements of expository text?

There are five elements of expository writingOrganization.Topic Sentence, Thesis Statement, and Subtopics.Transitions.Evidence and Examples.Conclusion.

What are the 4 types of informational text?

Types of Informational Text.Text structures.Descriptive or definition.Problem-Solution.Sequence/Time.Comparison-Contrast.Cause-Effect.

How do you summarize expository text?

From the words you chose, create a summary of the main idea. Use chunks of text or paragraphs to organize details that support the main idea. Select key information from each chunk or paragraph to include the summary of the supporting details. Arrange the information in an order that makes sense.

What is the definition of an expository text?

The definition of expository is something intended to explain or describe. An essay that is intended to explain a series of events is an example of an expository essay.

What are the types of expository text?

Expository Text Structure. Expository texts typically follow one of five formats: cause and effect, compare and contrast, description, problem and solution, and sequence.

What is an informative expository essay?

This kind of writing explains something, tells something, or it gives directions. For example, if you wrote about your favorite aunt, you would be writing an informative/expository essay telling us something about your aunt.

What is the difference between nonfiction and expository text?

In the classroom, it’s sometimes easy to use “nonfiction” as a shorthand for “expository”. It’s true–most expository text is nonfiction, and most nonfiction text is expository. … A personal narrative, for example, is a true account of a story from someone’s life–a nonfiction narrative.

How do you teach expository text?

Introduce the text structures in order, starting with description and finishing with compare/contrast. … Introduce and work on a single text structure in each lesson. … Prepare short passages (about six to eight lines) for the text structure you are going to work on in that session.More items…

What is expository essay example?

Some examples of an expository essay include: The how-to or process essay, which provides readers with a step-by-step guide on how to do something or the steps it takes to finish a job. The descriptive essay, which will be loaded with details. This type of expository essay describes something.