Quick Answer: What Is The Full Form Of Re?

What is re in banking?

RE stands for Revenue Expenditure..

What is re in civil engineering?

RE. Requirements Engineering. Construction, Technology, Business.

What is the full form of Ray?

RAYRaymond Miscellaneous » Names and NicknamesRate it:RAYRaytech Corporation Business » NYSE SymbolsRate it:RAYRothesay, Scotland Regional » Airport CodesRate it:RAYRiverina Anglican Youth Community » ReligionRate it:RAYRajiv Awas Yojna Governmental » PlanningRate it:2 more rows

What is a re exam?

The Regulatory Examinations (RE Exams) was introduced to assess financial advisors’ competency and application of knowledge relating to the regulatory framework of the financial services industry.

How do you write Re?

When used in a reply, the field body MAY start with the string “Re: ” (from the Latin “res”, in the matter of) followed by the contents of the “Subject:” field body of the original message. So that’s the official answer. Note that this specifically links “Re” to a reply.

Can you use re in Scrabble?

RE is a valid scrabble word.

What is re in math?

(At risk of stating the obvious, “Re” stands for “Real” and “Im” stands for “Imaginary”.) If we visualize complex numbers as vectors in R2, Re is the projection onto the real axis, and Im is onto the imaginary axis. So z=Re(z)+Im(z)i.

Why do we use re?

Wiktionary lists re as a preposition that means “About, regarding, with reference to; especially in letters and documents”, while OED1 (1914) says: … Thus, use of re as a preposition meaning about or regarding seems perfectly reasonable to me; it’s a concise alternative to regarding, a word which is often used verbosely.

What is the meaning of the abbreviation RE?

regarding’re. Use re in a sentence. abbreviation. Re is defined as an abbreviation for regarding. An example of re is giving a few words at the top of a business letter to say what the letter is about.

What does RN stand for?

Registered NurseAcronymDefinitionRNRegistered NurseRNRio Grande do Norte (Brazil)RNRight NowRNRoute Nationale (French road)41 more rows

What does re stand for in school?

religious educationE. is a school subject in which children learn about religion and other social matters. R.E. is an abbreviation for ‘religious education’.

What means re in email?

– RE in the email subject line stands from “reply” and it means the answer to the previous message under the same subject line. – FW is a forwarded message. … Means that you’re not at work when you reply to the email.