Quick Answer: When Someone Asks Where Do You Live?

What is the best answer for where are you from?

The correct answer is the name of the place where you are from..

What does it mean when someone asks you where are you from?

When someone asks “Where are you from” does it mean where I live currently or where i was born? It is where you consider your home town to be. It may be, but needn’t be, your place of birth. Dowon does it mean where I live currently or where i I was born?

Where do you reside answer?

The place where you live — whether house, hotel, or mobile home — is where you reside. The President of the United States resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, in a little shack called the White House. You can also use reside to refer to the community where you make your home.

How do you answer Where do you work?

You can say “I work at a hospital” and “I work in a hospital”. Both are equally correct. You can say “I work at McDonalds”, but it’s incorrect to say “I work in McDonalds”. You can say “I work in New York City”, but it’s incorrect to say “I work at New York City”.

What do you say when someone asks where you are from?

When someone asks me where I’m from, I say I was born in Michigan, but I’ve been “here” since 1980. Anywhere else in the world, I’d reply with the name of my city here. I live in the Washington, DC area and it’s more common for someone to be from somewhere else, than from DC.

What to say after asking how are you?

They’re supposed to only say “I’m fine, thanks” or “I’m good.” The person who greets first is responsible for beginning the actual conversation. That’s the protocol. Of course, the custom is also for the second person to return the rhetoric and ask “And you?” so you can talk about how you are in detail.

What do people mean by where you from?

The meaning is identical though. 1) “Where are you from?” implies that you want to know what city/state/country they consider “home,” and that you assume it’s someplace other than where you are right now. This may be confusing, since where someone is “from” isn’t necessarily where they live.

Is it rude to ask someone where they are from?

Yes, It is rude. The person asking is trying to get confirmation on whether the person is really from the place they say based on their physical appearance and/or name. But, context matters and it depends on the person being asked on whether to be offended or not.

What does it mean when someone asks who are you?

When someone asks “Who are you?”. Chances are they just want your name. In some situations (if they interpret your presence as out of place or perhaps a even a threat) they might wan’t your function. like Nabeel said, “I am the shop manager”.

What do you for living answer?

3 More Strategies to Better Answer “What Do You Do For a Living?”Share a Story. Tell a story about one of your more exciting days at work. … Show Your Weak Side. Being vulnerable shows humility, which can dispel negative stereotypes attached to some high-paying jobs. … Show Others What Your Job Means for them.

Who do u live with?

Whom do you live with? With whom do you live? both are correct. Grammarians having strict stylistic rules say that a preposition cannot be used at the very end of a sentence, but you take the common usage among native-speaker of a given language into consideration when learning foreign languages.