What Do I Do If My DSL Light Is Off?

What does it mean when the DSL light is off?

If the « DSL» light is off or flashing: Make sure that the DSL modem’s phone line is properly connected to a wall telephone jack.

Also make sure that the telephone line connected to the modem is not plugged into an extension..

How do I fix my DSL light?

Try bypassing any splitters or other devices as they can sometimes cause interference with your DSL signal. We suggest you remove and re-plug the phone cable into the DSL modem and the wall jack to ensure the cable is plugged in securely. The cable should ‘click ‘when it is pushed into place.

What to do if DSL is not working?

Power-cycle the DSL modem Turning the modem off and back on causes it to re-synchronize the DSL signal and the network connection to your computer. Often, this by itself is enough to fix a DSL connection problem. To do this, unplug the power cord from the DSL modem, wait about 30 seconds, then plug it back in.

How do I know if my DSL modem is bad?

You may have a defective modem if it makes one of these sounds:A loud humming noise.A line noise or modem connection sound when plugged into the telephone jack.

Why is my DSL 2 light red?

When the DSL light is solid green, it indicates that the modem has established a connection between your internet service provider and your home. If the DSL light is red, it can’t connect with CenturyLink. When you plug in or set up your modem, the light shouldn’t stay red for more than 30 seconds.

Why does my DSL light keep blinking?

When your DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is flashing it means that the modem is currently trying to sync to the Trustpower network. When it stops flashing and is a solid green light this means you have connected. If the DSL light takes longer than a minute to connect and stop flashing, this means there could be a fault.