What Is The Meaning Of All But One?

What is another word for one and only?

Synonyms for one and only in English unique; separate; exquisite; special; exclusive; sole; incomparable; inimitable; unparalleled; on its own; isolated; the one and only; once in a life time; one and only; unrivalled; one; peerless; unmatched; matchless; unmatchable; nonpareil; unrivaled..

What is the meaning of nearly new?

adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] Nearly new items are items for sale that have belonged to another person but have not been used much and are still in very good condition. A nearly new shop sells nearly new items.

What merely means?

nothing more or onlyMerely is defined as nothing more or only. An example of merely is just a little bit of exercise. adverb.

What does all but a few mean?

all but a few = all except a few = almost all. You explained very well, thanks a lot.

What does all but confirmed mean?

expression meaning that a situation is no longer certain or predictable and that anything can happen. originating from horse racing where “all bets are off” indicated that bets already made were null due to various unpredicted factors. for all the world. exp. intensifying expression, often used with “look”

Why do we say all but?

The “all but” idiom refers to the fact that the subject of the idiom is as close to being described by the adjective as it can be without being completely and accurately described by that adjective.

What is the meaning of nearly?

1 : in a close manner or relationship nearly related. 2a : almost but not quite nearly identical nearly a year later. b : to the least extent not nearly as good as we expected. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about nearly.

Are all but gone?

The person saying that phrase means that all the apples are gone. However, according to English language structure, the phrase “all but gone” means that the apples are everything but gone. Meaning they should be there, and should also be in every state of existence possible except for gone.

What is the meaning of had but?

“Had but” is similar to “had only” or “had just”. So it means that they had only recently come together again. It sounds more formal, or perhaps a little old-fashioned.

What is another word for nearly?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for nearly, like: all-but, just-about, approximately, almost, circa, roughly, virtually, well-nigh, about, on the order of and near.

Is nothing but meaning?

phrase. You use nothing but in front of a noun, an infinitive without ‘to’, or an ‘-ing’ form to mean ‘only’. All that money brought nothing but sadness and misery and tragedy. It did nothing but make us ridiculous.

What is the meaning of as it were?

Seemingly, in a way, as in He was living in a dream world, as it were. A shortening of “as if it were so,” this idiom has been in use since Chaucer’s time (he had it in his Nun’s Priest’s Tale, c. 1386). Also see so to speak.

How do you use all but in a sentence?

I WOULD like to know how to use the phrase “all but”, for example, “I’m all but against bullying.” “All but” means 1) almost or very nearly and 2) all except. When you say “I’m all but against bullying.”, it means that you are almost against bullying, but not totally so.

What does my only one mean?

one’s spouse or lover. (See also the one and only.) Look at the time. I’ve got to get home to my one and only. You’re my one and only.

Where does let bygones be bygones come from?

The phrase ‘Let bygones be bygones’ originated in the 15th century. A good example was recorded in a letter by Scottish churchman Samuel Rutherford, acknowledging the follies of his youth: “Pray that byegones betwixt me and my Lord may be byegones.”

What is the meaning of none but?

somewhat formal. : no person or kind of person except : only a sport for none but the most brave It was a request that none but the most coldhearted (person) could refuse.

Is all but dead meaning?

“All but” can have two meanings. First, it can mean “all except”. For example: “all but one have died” means “only one survived”. Second, it can mean “nearly”. For example, “all but forgotten” means “nearly forgotten”.

What is the meaning of all along?

phrase. If something has been true or been present all along, it has been true or been present throughout a period of time.

Is all but guaranteed meaning?

It’s ‘all but guaranteed’ means it is as close to being guaranteed as it can get without the absolute assurance of a guarantee. So the speaker is almost promising a guarantee but won’t make a complete commitment. You could also say it is virtually guaranteed or as good as guaranteed.

How do you use all along?

All-along sentence examplesMaybe something was wrong all along. … The connection had been there all along. … He suspected Standish knew Sarah’s secret all along and only used her to turn him. … Was that something new, or had he been that way all along – even before he opened his eyes?More items…