What Is The Noun Form Of Eventually?

Is eventually a noun?

An occurrence; something that happens.

(computing) A possible action that the user can perform that is monitored by an application or the operating system (event listener).


What is the noun form of performed?

Explanation:the word perform becomes performance in it’s noun form.

What is the noun form of dangerously?

/ˈdeɪndʒər/ 1[uncountable] danger (of something) the possibility of something happening that will injure, harm, or kill someone, or damage or destroy something Danger! Keep Out!

What is the noun form of quickly?

quick (adjective) quick (adverb) quick (noun) … quick–witted (adjective)

Is finally an adjective?

Finally means “at the end of a long wait.” Although it seemed like it would never end, and in the middle you were cursing the day you signed up for the marathon, when you finally finished, you were overjoyed. Final means “last,” so use the adjective finally to describe an end result or long-awaited satisfaction.

Is perform a verb or noun?

transitive verb. 1 : to adhere to the terms of : fulfill perform a contract. 2 : carry out, do. 3a : to do in a formal manner or according to prescribed ritual. b : to give a rendition of : present.

Is Reperform a word?

To perform again or anew.

What type of word is perform?

verb (used without object) to fulfill a command, promise, or undertaking. to execute or do something. to act in a play: to perform in the role of Romeo. to perform music.

What is the verb for quickly?

Answer and Explanation: No, quickly is an adverb. An adverb is a word that describes or modifies an adjective, a verb or another adverb.

What’s a word for quick?

SYNONYMS FOR quick 1 fleet, expeditious. 5 abrupt, curt, short, precipitate. 7 nimble, agile, brisk.

What part of speech is the word quickly?

adverbQuick is an adjective and the adverb form is quickly.

What adverb is eventually?

We use the adverb eventually to mean ‘in the end’, especially when something has involved a long time, or a lot of effort or problems: I looked everywhere for my keys, and eventually found them inside one of my shoes! (I found them after a long time and a lot of effort.)